In most cities, the lion’s share of LGBTQ-centered establishments are bars and clubs that primarily cater to gay men who are cisgender, meaning their gender identity matches the sex they were assigned at birth. Greater L.A. is no exception [...]

Given this void, Cuties has quickly become the daytime darling of L.A.’s queer social ecosystem. But despite a loyal customer base, Cuties — the only LGBTQ-focused coffee shop in L.A. — is fighting to stay open.

Laura Newberry, LA Times

As opportunities to create community become more virtual, physical safe spaces and venues like Cuties are more integral than ever, especially for LBTQs. Frankly, one Cuties isn’t enough — but if even that one isn’t sustainable, where will we go next? If the answer is inevitably straight spaces, what will be sacrificed? That cost is surely more immeasurable than a cup of coffee.

Trish Benix, IntoMore

Cuties is a queer social space that isn’t a bar or nightclub, making it accessible to young people and anyone uncomfortable in alcohol-oriented environments, which is rare and important.

Brittany Martin, LAMag


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